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47 Year old SAHM of 3. Happily married to my wonderful husband Keith for 23 years. Love to read, play pogo and hang out with my family.

Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

Was really good last week. Worked out 6/7 days and lost 2 lbs come Saturdays weigh in, woohoo!! Was all walking or treadmill exercise but did over an hour almost every day. Had a lot of healthy dinners as well. Monday was an egg salad sandwich, Tuesday Grilled teriyaki chicken, Wednesday Grilled sirloin steaks, Thursday homemade bean soup and Friday chicken burger.  This week the meals are not all healthy but I will eat smaller portions or eat a healthier option. The weather has finally turned nice so plan on getting out for a few walks today. Be nice to be off the treadmill for a change. Need to also add a few more exercises. Will do some weight exercises, crunches, etc today. Will check in tomorrow!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 3rd

Been about two weeks since I posted but did start my new exercise plan this month. Walked with my hubby on Sunday and did the treadmill Monday and Tuesday. Plan on adding more exercises to my plan today. Really determined to lose at least 7 lbs this month, hopefully more. Cut out wine at dinner during the week and will only have very little come the weekend. I know that has been a huge part of my down fall. Made a menu of all healthy dinners this week as well and will post that separately. Plan on checking on daily with my progress.