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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Daily Routine

Morning Routine:
Get up and put on robe
Wake up Andrew
Put water bottles in fridge/freezer
Tidy up the living room
Make Coffee
Get dressed
Make bed
Make Andrew breakfast
Made Andrew's lunch
Take Andrew to school
S/S main bathroom toilet
Wipe down sink, counter & mirror in main bathroom
Gather laundry *if doing any* & put in washer
Unload/reload DW
Make the kids beds
Tidy up basement
S/S half bathroom toilet
Take out garbage, if needed
Eat breakfast
Log breakfast in at spark people
Update Blog

Put plate in the DW
Laundry check
Get mail & take care of it
Pick Andrew up from school
Fill ice cube trays, if needed
Start or finish up dinner
Set the table

Eat dinner
Put dishes in DW
Wash pots/pans (if used)
Wipe down table
Wipe down stovetop if used

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